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Set de calibradores de alta pressão > Set de calibração de alta pressão P-HP

Set de calibração de alta pressão P-HP

Set de calibração de alta pressão P-HP


With the calibration set P-HP you are able to check your mobile hydraulic power units (1) or fuel-injector test rigs (2).
These pneumatically supported high pressure pump systems can be equipped with different tools and are used on board for following operations:
- Setting of injection valves
- Assembling/disassembling cylinder cover
- Fixing fundament
- Creation defined torques
 The calibration of built-in pressure gauges allow a reliable statement about the accuracy and is therefore vdecisive to the quality of operations. The connection of digital pressure reference P-HP will be realized via hose adapter to the pressure output of the controlling system. The high pressure calibration set P-HP includes the pressure reference with connection adapter as well as three high pressure hoses and will be supplied in a service case.
- Case
- Adapter with quick coupling nipple 2000 bar (male)
- Different high pressure hoses (0.3m) with quick coupling
- 1x red, 2000 bar, female
- 1 x blue, 1500 bar, female
- 1 x blue, 1500 bar male
High pressure calibration set applications
- hydraulic power unit e.g. IOPmarine (1)     
- Fuel-injector test rig e.g. IOPmarine (2) 
Calibration Set for high pressure
Digital reference test gauge with high pressure hose adapter for calibration of Hydraulic Power Units and Fuel-Injector rigs
Pressure connection via quick coupling nipple 2000 bar (male)
Multi-purpose-LCD 20 x 60 mm
Function keys 'ON', 'SET', 'ZERO', 'PEAK', 'UP', 'DOWN'
Protection class IP65 (front), other IP40
Power supply 4 x 1.5 V batteries
Switchable pressure units
bar, PSI, kPa, MPa
Measuring range
0…2000 bar
1 bar
+/-0.1 % FS +/-1 digit

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