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Reguladores de carga Steca PR

Reguladores de carga Steca PR


Do I need a voltage controller / regulator ?
Yes, we recommend a regulator if working over our recommended minimum ratio of 10W of solar panel to 100AH battery capacity.
How do I calculate the Amp rating of the regulator needed ?
Employ the equation of Amps x Volts = Watts.
Therefore an 80W solar panel charging a 12V battery should be regulated using a solar regulator rated 6.7A or more.
Do I need to fit a blocking diode ?
A Blocking Diode is fitted to ensure the correct flow of current and should be fitted when either no regulator is used or more than one solar panel is connected in parallel.
The diode fits directly into the junction box of framed solar panels. Marlec's semi-flexible ranges of SunWare & Spectra solar panels all have a built-in diode.
Part Numbers:  Schottky Diode 8A  913-012                    
Schottky Diode Kit 5A  CA-11/01
We offer the following ranges of Solar Charge Controllers:

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Bussola Silva 125B/H
  € 249.00  € 199.56
Ganhe: 20%
Bússola Silva 70FBC
  € 150.00  € 115.32
Ganhe: 23%
Bússola Silva 70 FB White
  € 120.05  € 60.02
Ganhe: 50%
Bússola Silva 100NB
  € 203.69  € 107.26
Ganhe: 47%
Bússola Silva 100NB white
  € 203.93  € 107.26
Ganhe: 47%
Sonda Echo 150 com transdutor
  € 131.13  € 95.20
Ganhe: 27%
Bússola Silva 125T
  € 367.77  € 261.81
Ganhe: 29%
Bússola Silva 102B/H
  € 149.00  € 128.87
Ganhe: 14%
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