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Many challenges, one solution
Admiralty e-Navigator is the 'Windows' of the future of maritime electronic navigation: the platform for a wide and growing suite of tools that puts the information and functionality you need at your fingertips, whether you're on the bridge or in the office.
With a consistent look & feel, and an intuitive user-friendly interface that's instantly familiar to anyone who's used a PC, e-Navigator makes every stage of passage planning, navigation and fleet management smarter, simpler and safer.
Passage from Hamburg to Hong Kong? Admiralty e-Navigator enables you to plot a route, list the most cost-efficient mix of charts and publications to undertake it, taking into account what you already hold and flag up exactly what you need to fill the gaps. Then just place your order online.

Change of plans?
Instant access to Admiralty digital charts and publications, 24/7, wherever you are in the world, lets you respond instantly to changing circumstances.

Total navigation
Whatever you need to navigate, from a wide range of Admiralty and third party products and services: view, organise, use, manage and maintain - all through one, consistent easy-to-use interface.
On ship and ashore
Admiralty e-Navigator brings the power of the PC to shore-based management, making life easier for fleet managers and marine superintendents, enabling easy and efficient fleet management and ship to shore cooperation.

Across the fleet
A comprehensive, real time overview of all holdings, charts and publications, digital and paper - together with their status, on every ship you manage helps ensure that you maintain exactly - and only - the licenses you need, across the fleet, maximising value for money and assuring readiness for Port State Controller (PSC) inspections.

Admiralty Information Overlay
As well as tide and weather data, one of the first new digital products available in e-Navigator is Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO), the only global digital service that includes worldwide Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners. Combined with Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS), AIO will give the mariner the power, utility and safety which electronic charts provide as well as the quality, reliability and integrity of Admiralty assured data.

"It will help expertly select the most cost-effective mix of electronic charts each vessel needs to sail anywhere in the world safely and compliantly."
Hugh Phillips
Head of Products, UK Hydrographic Office

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