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    Rede de pesca D-Tech

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    High performance netting made of Dyneema® fibre. Its strength allows the use of twines with a smaller diameter. Dyneema when used in trawl nets allows a reduction of up to 50% on twine diameter, compared to polyamide twines of same breaking strength. Exclusive protective coating ensures excellent abrasion resistance and a longer life time. A lighter net leads to significant less drag resistance in water and considerable fuel savings or higher towing speed.

    Rede de pesca Greenline XL Hard Bottom

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    Results from the development of GREENLINE technology, and has been specially developed for the use in cod-ends in bottom trawling. The twine has a special treatment that reinforces its stiffness and that varies according to seabed conditions. Developed to be used on bottom trawling. It has a special treatment to resist the high abrasion in rocky conditions.

    Rede de pesca PE Braided

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    Rede de pesca PE Twisted

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    Rede de pesca Redline Gold

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    A new generation of Redline compact nettings. Redline Pro Gold keeps the compactness of Redline twines in an optimized construction to achieve higher results of knot breaking strength, whilst keeping unchangeable the excellent abrasion properties and low sand penetration in sand or mud seabed. Produced from a special grade of high density polyethylene, it is the result of the close contact with fisherman’s and their needs for a good catch.

    Rede de pesca Redline Pro

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    Well known for its red tracer, it´s also known for being the best compact netting in the market. Produced from a high density polyethylene, in a special extrusion process, it is the result of a presence in the market for more than 50 years.

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