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    Tratamento de águas residuais

    Vikoma offers a range of equipment specifically for industrial applications, such as: refineries, petrochemical, power generation and waste oil pits. We offer equipment fully certified for use in hazardous areas and have a dedicated engineering team to design systems to meet the customers requirements.

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    Absorbent Booms offer a quick and easy method for containing and removing small quantities of oil from a spill zone. Manufactured from oleophilic materials, the booms absorb any oil they come into contact with. This oil is held within the booms until they are removed from the spill zone for disposal.

    Barreira de contenção insuflável Sentinel

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    Sentinel boom is a simple, versatile, high performance curtain boom which is designed for use a number of different locations. With unrivalled wave following characteristics and an enclosed ballast, it is a safe and effective product for containing oil. Sentinel boom is available in neoprene or polyurethane material; both options are highly durable and resistant to UV and hydrocarbons.

    Barreira de contenção permanente

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    Permanent booms are designed for long exposure deployment in sheltered waters. They do not require inflation and are durable and resistant to abrasion and marine growth. All Vikoma Permanent booms include closed cell foam buoyancy members. This foam will ensure buoyancy is maintained even if the outer material is compromised.

    Barreira de contenção rígida POD

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    The Vikoma pod boom is a high integrity oil containment boom that uses plastic flotation pods along a durable belt material. The pods are filled with a closed cell foam to ensure that even after collision/ abrasions the boom maintains its correct flotation level.

    Barreira de contenção rígida Vikoflex

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    The Vikoflex system is a light and flexible fence boom with built-in buoyancy that can be rapidly deployed without the need for any special ancillary equipment. Vikoflex is manufactured from high quality materials with inbuilt closed cell foam sections to provide buoyancy. This offers a boom which can operate in a wide range of environments and conditions and is very easy to clean, maintain and repair


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    Vikoma offer a range of pumps for many different purposes. The majority of pumps used for hydrocarbon transfer are lobe or impeller pumps, however other varieties such as spate, centrifugal, diaphragm or screw are available upon request.

    Container and trailer solutions

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    Space efficient container and trailer solutions for easy storage and transportation to the flood. We offer a range of standard containerised solutions or can bespoke the contents to meet your requirements. Keep everything packaged in a neat, secure container to ensure everything is in one place when you need it.

    Delta skimmer

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    The Delta skimmer system is a self-contained free floating oil recovery system, specifically designed for operation in shallow waters and inaccessible areas. The Delta Skimmer system will recover up to 24m³/hr and its head can operate in as little as 7cm (2.75 inches) of water. The lightweight construction makes it particularly valuable around piers, jetties, lakes, ponds, ports, harbours, rivers and inland waters as well as for beach clean-up and shoreline operations