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    How to use fenders

    Buoys must be carefully chosen to carry the weight needed.
    If the buoy does not lie correctly in the water, the mooring will be unsatisfactory.
    The anchorchain must always be tied to the mooring loop under water.
    The anchorchain must never be tied to the upper lifting loop!

    Fender sizing guide
    How do I inflate my DAN-FENDER ® product?
    The most simple way is to use an ordinary compressor including the accessory air pistol and then:
    - Remove the plastic screw (if there is one).
    - Press the air pistol against the metal valve.
    - Blow air into the fender/buoy (0.15 bar at 20 degrees C).
    - A fender/buoy shall NOT be as hard as a stone. It shall be easy to form a soft “dent” by pressing.
    - Screw on the plastic screw (if there is one).
    - Now your fender/buoys are ready for use – have fun!

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    Defensa com furo central

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    Light fender

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