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    Simrad multifunction displays combine a wide range of powerful fish-finding sonar technology with the chartplotter navigation features you need to plan your trips, get where you’re going, and keep track of promising fishing spots. Customise and combine sounder views, charts, and other pages to see exactly what you need, when you need it.

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    NSS12 evo2 Combo Basemap

    € 3.688,77 c. iva exclui portes

    NSS12 evo3 Combo Basemap

    € 4.303,77 c. iva exclui portes

    NSS16 evo2 Combo Basemap

    € 5.902,77 c. iva exclui portes

    NSS16 evo3 Combo Basemap

    € 6.763,77 c. iva exclui portes

    NSS7 evo2 Combo Basemap

    € 1.474,77 c. iva exclui portes

    NSS7 evo3 Combo Basemap

    € 1.843,77 c. iva exclui portes


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