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    PPV with powerstream

    The PowerStream® airflow straighteners, standard equipment on EX and GX models, was the first flow straightening technology on PPV fans, increasing flow velocity and effective range of the FlowPath™, allowing more flexible setback positioning.



    PPV with PowerStream® Air Straighteners

    for fire service fans up to 21”/54cm

    PPV with PowerStream is like going from a fog nozzle to straight bore.
    This allows setback distances to increase five fold.

    Both PowerStream and
    conventional fans can
    operate in close range of
    the door.

    Only PowerStream fans
    can be set back as far as
    18ft (5.4m) and be equally

    Proprietary design and engineering makes these fans best-in-class performers.

    Polymer TurboForce™ impeller is engineered 
    to deliver maximum airflow. 

    PowerStream PPV setback doesn’t block openings

    Designed to perform better when set back from 6’ to 18’ (3 to 6 meters) rather than directly in the structure opening.

    Greater setbacks mean uncluttered ingress and egress for greater safety.

    Noise inside the structure is reduced for improved communications.

    Available in Gas, Electric and Water-Powered Models.

     engines are portable and powerful.
    They have no power cord restrictions.
    Electric engines have zero emissions 
    and are much quieter to operate.
    Water fans are used in potentially explosive
    environments and have zero emissions.

    Only AMCA ratings should be compared.

    RAMFAN can provide documentation for fans included in AMCA’s Certified Ratings Program. Click here to see our rated fans on the site. 

    AMCA 240 is the only third-party published PPV testing method assuring the end user of an accurate performance comparison.

    An AMCA test report includes airflow, horsepower and distance from the opening.

    RAMFAN provides several AMCA tests for each blower which define the performance zone.

    RAMFAN PPV blowers are Built to Last and Guaranteed.

    Euramco is the only company that offers a 3-year Global Warranty on all gas, electric and water models.

    Fire Training

    UL Firefighter Safety Research
    Study of the Effectiveness of Fire Service Positive Pressure Ventilation During Fire Attack in Single Family Homes Incorporating Modern Construction Practices

    NIST Positive Pressure Ventiliation Research
    • Research on the Effects of Positive Pressure Ventilation on a Room Fire
    • Full-Scale Evaluation of Positive Pressure Ventilation in a Firefighter Training Building
    • Evaluating Positive Pressure Ventilation In Large Structures: High-rise Pressure Experiments
    • Evaluating Positive Pressure Ventilation In Large Structures: High-rise Fire Experiments
    • Evaluating Positive Pressure Ventilation In Large Structures: School Pressure and Fire Experiments

    Fire Industry Glossary Terms

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    PPV with powerstream

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