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    Iluminação de convés de voo

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    Iluminação integrada p/ navios

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    - modular design for optimized, customized light scenarios all over the naval vessel - high performance LED technology and intelligent electronics successfully combined - single cables for low power and high information distribution with integrated information network e.g. of smoke or presence detection - emergency lighting system embedded in the main lighting system: multi-functionality instead of extensive hardware - latest ergonomic know-how to improve the crew's alertness and well-being

    Iluminação de convés de voo

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    HVLAS configuration deployed in normal mode of operation. Press the NVG button to see the NVG configuration.

    Iluminação integrada p/ submarinos

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    LINKSrechts LED Lighting products are designed and manufactured to: withstand the toughest submarine environmental requirements be the most efficient lights in Navy market have the longest life cycle in Navy market

    Iluminação de convés de voo

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