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    Iluminação luminescente

    Our chemiluminescent products provide emergency lighting solutions, protective equipment and evacuation systems to many industrial companies.
    The main objective of these companies is to reduce risks, increase safety and have dependable light to maintain, repair and operate.

    Cyalume® products provide Safety and Efficiency at work

    Used as Personal Protective Equipment, Cyalume® products are used as individual marking to clearly and easily identify personnel on site.
    They provide safe maintenance light for use in ATEX environment
    They signal danger, equipment & intervention zones

    Cyalume® products contribute to safe and easy evacuation

    They allow egress route marking
    The prevent slips, trips and falls
    They avoid any panic effect

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    Bastão luminoso 4" (10cm)

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    The ChemLight 4” (10cm) light stick by Cyalume is the smallest in the lightstick range except for the MINIs. It is phthalate-free, light and practical. The 4” (10cm) stick is just the thing for discreet personal identification, for marking repetitive points or for use as an occasional document reading light. The 4” (10cm) lightstick, like the other lightsticks in the Cyalume range, is absolutely safe and easy to activate by a simple twist. The cold light generated after the activation of the stick is absolutely safe, nonflammable and non-toxic.

    Bastão luminoso 6" (15cm)

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    Snaplight 15cm lightsticks are totally phthalate free. They are activated by simply snapping and shaking, producing reliable light, exactly what is needed for any emergency. The light from SnapLight lightsticks offers high performance light through 360°. It is: waterproof, buoyant, visible up to one nautical mile away (approx. 1.6 km).

    Bastão luminoso 8" (20cm)

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    The Cyalume Flare Alternative 20cm lightstick is used in an emergency to mark out or identify a location. It is a dependable and ecological lighting alternative to traditional pyrotechnical signal lights used by law enforcement and security services. The lightstick has a reflective band and a metal support making its installation easy and improving visibility. For instance, it can be used for marking out the scene of an accident or indicating a location where a vehicle has broken down on the road. Providing valuable assistance for road safety, the Flare Alternative 20cm stick comes in ultrahigh intensity Orange, providing a strong glow. Ideally, this lightstick can be used at scenes of accidents or vehicle breakdowns.

    Bastão luminoso 10" (25cm)

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    Cyalume SnapLight 10’’ (25cm) lightsticks are supplied with their own metal support. This accessory adds to the stability of the lightstick so that it is even more visible. The lightstick is placed at an angle of 30° from the ground and no part of it is masked. Every part of the stick is visible, contributing to optimal lighting.

    Bastão luminoso 12" (30cm)

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    Available only in green, the 30cm SnapLight offers three times more light than a 15cm lightstick. It is easy-to-use, producing 12 hours of dependable light in confined areas or in places where the air is explosive. In the same way as all the other Cyalume products, the 30cm lightstick complies with the ATEX (confined space) standard. Companies working in the mining and energy sectors recommend them to minimize risks during inspection or maintenance… With an attaching eyelet, it is easy to use and it can be attached for greater efficiency. The Snaplight 30cm unit is individually packed offering a larger lighting surface area because of its greater length.

    Bastão luminoso 7,5" Flexband (19cm)

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    The Cyalume lighted Flexband is a marking and identification solution which is practical and easy to use. The lighted wristband, sometimes also called the fluo wristband is activated – in the same way as the other lightsticks – by bending the tube (breaking the glass capsules inside it) and shaking it.

    Bastão luminoso 15" Non-Imapct (40cm)

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    Cyalume also sells the Non-Impact 40cm model, the longest in the range. It offers optimal lighting with a large lighted surface area. With an attaching ring at one end, it is easy to hang it up or combine it with every type of accessory, for instance the magnetic cone, the work site cone adapter or the directional handle.

    Bastão luminoso 15" Imapct (40cm)

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    A lightstick usually has to be twisted and shaken to light up. With the Impact 40cm light tube, the lightstick is activated on impact. Just throw the lightstick at the floor, a wall, or any other hard surface and it activates, producing instant light without any need to hold the stick in your hand. This type of lighting is particularly handy in areas that are difficult to explore such as tanks, cavities, narrow places or in explosive confined spaces. Even near gases, oil or other explosive materials, the Impact 40cm lightstick can produce dependable risk-free light. This type of lighting, meeting confined space (ATEX) standards, can be used easily on sites to identify work, maintenance or repair zones. The Impact 40cm light tube has closed attaching rings at each end, for attachment or hanging according to the specific needs.

    Iluminação luminescente