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    Perma Film

    Surface tolerant coating for ballast water tanks, automobile underbodies, industrual facilities and winter road service

    Barrel size: 1ltr, 3 ltr, 20 ltr, 200 ltr

    Viscosity - II

    Protection - V

    Spray gun or brush/rollerand by airless sparying

    Aluminium, black, buff and transparent
    Product Information
    To meet the higher requirements for the protection of ballast water tanks, we nave developed the product PERMA FILM and introduced in the market year 2000. The surface tolerant PERMA FILM coating has been certified by the Germanischer Lloyd for repair coatings in ballast water tanks. Due to the compatibility with the deeply penetrating FLUID FILM, the PERMA FILM system can be applied with a considerable lower standard of surface preparation as required by usual colour coatings. This can lower the repair costs up to 80%. PERMA FILM is an in resin dissolved calcium calcium sulfonate compound, which provides a highly passive corrosion sulfonate compound, which provides a highly passive corrosion protection. FLUID FILM which should be sprayed first in a thin layer serves as active primer, penetrating existing rust and coatings to the base of the material, inhibits oxygen and thereby displaces existing rest moisture and acts as link. Due to the water displacing property of FLUID FILM, a cost intensive drying of the surfaces is even dispensable. Because of the combination of FLUID FILM and PERMA FILM an intrinsically flexible active coating with a grip firm and a wear resitant surface will be created, offering a perfect protection.

    Fields of application
    - Ballast water tanks
    - Industrial facilities
    - Wheel house
    - Winter road service & equipment
    - Underbodies

    Due to the combination with FLUID FILM the system stays inside flexible, hardens on the surface and joins the positive effects as penetrate ability of FLUID FILM with those of a grip firm protection coat.

    SURFACE TOLERANT COATING FOR BALLAST WATER TANKS - type approval - Germanischer Lloyd

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    Perma Film

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    Perma Film