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    Train whistles

    Long History Of Rolling Stock Acoustic Safety 
    Taking its heritage from the renowned Kockum Shipyard, Kockum Sonics as a part of the Kockumation Group has been active in the field of rolling stock for more than 90 years. In 1922, the Swedish Railway Company purchased three railcars from Deutsche Werke Kiel for operation in the south of Sweden. These were the first rail vehicles to have a Tyfon® installed, and the rest is history. Since then the company has grown into a worldwide leading supplier of warning horns for the railway industry.

    Innovative Acoustic Designs
    Kockum Sonics has always been focused on providing reliable signaling solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Over the years we have delivered several innovative design solutions not only for rolling stock but also for marine and industrial applications worldwide.
    Today we have a diversified product portfolio for rolling stock, ranging from classic air-driven horns to advanced electronic horns and control systems. By listening to our customers and using our vast experience of acoustics and signaling, we have been able to design new products and technologies to meet our customers’ needs and gaining their confidence and trust.

    Prepared for Today and the Future
    Safety and reliability become more and more important in the world of rolling stock, and Kockum Sonics is always ready to meet new standards and requirements.
    The Tyfon® warning horns are fully compliant to rolling stock standards such as IEC 61373, EN 45545-2 and EN 50155, and are certified for interoperability according to TSI LOC & PAS and EN 15153-2.

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    Tyfon Electronic for Rolling Stock

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    The electronic Tyfon® horn and amplifier system is a high-performance option on vehicles which has limited or no access to compressed air, such as Trams or Metros. It can also be used instead of pneumatic horns as the electronic Tyfon® is certified according to the latest version of the TSI LOC&PAS. Customizable signalling along with speech/PA functionality makes the electronic Tyfon® the preferable choice among several rolling stock manufacturers.

    Tyfon Pneumatic for Rolling Stock

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    The distinguished sound of Tyfon® is renowned in all fields of high-power audio signalling, and as such rolling stock manufacturers and operators throughout the world have chosen to equip their vehicles with Tyfon® warning horns.

    Train whistles

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