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    Sistemas sonoros p/ barragens

    High Performance Warning Alarm Systems
    For many decades over 25000 alarm warning systems from Kockum Sonics have been used in places from Northern Europe and USA to Middle East and Far East where the Tyfon® has proven to be the preferred choice.

    The Tyfon® warning alarm systems are used by several governments, authorities and organisations like civil defence, as well as chemical industries, nuclear power plants, for dam rupture alarms, brigades etc.

    Innovative Acoustic Designs
    Kockum Sonics has always been focused on providing reliable alarm warning systems to meet the needs of our customers. Over the years we have delivered several innovative design solutions for civil defense and industrial applications worldwide.

    Today we have a diversified product portfolio of warning alarm systems, ranging from classic air-driven horns to advanced electronic horns and control systems. By listening to our customers and using our vast experience of acoustics and signaling, we have been able to design new products and technologies to meet our customers’ needs and gaining their confidence and trust.

    Sistemas sonoros p/ barragens